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Name of Theory: Dorothea Orem’s theory is titled the Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing.

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The goal of Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Deficit Nursing Theory is to help nurses understand their patients on a better level. By teaching people and other nurses how self-care can be implemented, it becomes possible to treat illness or disease more effectively. In return, better overall health can be achieved.

Dorothea Orem: Dorothea Orem was a leading nursing theorist of the 20th century

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Education & Career
Dorothea Orem Attended Seton Hall High School which was located in Baltimore, Maryland.
In 1934, Orem obtained her diploma from Providence Hospital School of Nursing located in Washington, D.C and continued her nursing career by pursing a B.S in nursing education at the Catholic University of America in 1939 and by 1945, she has earned her M.S in nursing education.

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