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Not sure whether to write your novel in the past tense or the present tense

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This is overused in introductions. Most essay questions are about current issues so you don’t need to put in a time frame unless it is about an issue in the past compared to the present. “Since the dawn of time…” is not a relevant statement for most IELTS issues and should be avoided. Some students also use “Nowadays” to start their essay. Again this is overused. Try to avoid these phrases and just paraphrase the information given by IELTS.

Harvard x27;s website says to use the present tense when you discuss Do You Write An Essay In Past Tense Marilyn Tuck Do You Write Essays In Past Or Present Tense.

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I have never ever tried to write any first task essays which would be with mixed time of past and future tenses, but as I recently took my exam, I was faced with the mixed tenses and could not deal with that and thus got a low score. So that, could you please explain me or give me a link to a page where I could learn the main structure of the type of task one question? I would be really thankful for your help me if you do not mind please, give me some more example essays with band 9

15/12/2016 · When writing an essay, is it okay to start in past tense like you're remembering something and then present as you write about what is happening now?

It is recommended to use the present tense when there are no dates given. However, if you decide to use the past in this case and you use it all the way through your task 1 report, then it wouldn’t be considered a big mistake and you could still do quite well.

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