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Today, there are over 10,000 survivors of Ebola virus disease.

If one were to embark on a program of heavy metal chelation, it would probably be wise to contact a health care practitioner who is experienced with the subject of metal toxicity as well as removal of the substances. If wanting to do this on one's own, it would be sensible to support the use of cilantro with formulae that aid the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and eliminatory channels as well as to anticipate some fairly extreme ion exchanges between minerals in the body so that electrolyte balance and trace mineral balance is temporarily disturbed. Also, everyone with whom I have discussed this protocol insists that mega amounts of chlorella are a must when chelating metals from the body. According to some authorities, the cilantro mobilizes the mercury (and lead and aluminum) but the chlorella bonds with it and transports it out of the body. I have created a list of adjunctive products that I think will support the use of cilantro and would appreciate feedback from others, especially from those who are willing to do baseline hair analysis followed by repeat testing in three and six months.

By Rory M Herron, on 21 March 2016

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Based on the feedback I have been receiving on cilantro use, it seems possible, well probable, that when metals are removed from the body, both parasite and fungal populations increase. Those with should be especially aware of this matter. It is an important enough concern that those intending to chelate metals from their body might consider the merits of an evaluation of the presence of fungi and/or jumping feet first into a toxic metal removal program. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that most people reduce the fungal load and then do a parasite cleanse prior to chelating the toxic metals. It should probably also be noted that many pharmaceutical parasiticides contain serious amounts of toxic metals, including arsenic. This is worth mentioning because those who already suffer from mercury, lead, or aluminum toxicity may have less tolerance for additional toxins.

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Since first posting this article, many patients and practitioners have contacted me about mercury chelation and specific problems thought to be associated with heavy metal poisoning. These include everything from childhood to Alzheimer's disease as well as many cases of neurological degeneration and environmental sensitivity. While some people maintain that total chelation of all toxic metals can be completed in three weeks, my experience is that the process generally takes considerably longer, even years. Progress tends to occur in spurts so there may be periods in which very rapid improvement is noted, such as reduction in allergic reactions to food; however, there could also be stretches in which there are relatively few observable differences. There can be some hair raising moments when the metals are mobilized but not yet removed. Adequate mental and emotional preparation definitely helps people to make better judgments about the safety of their chelation efforts. Allowing the chelation to proceed at a pace the body can tolerate is another word to the wise!

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Secondly, in my own work in Europe, I found that patients with amalgams were suffering from a severe burden on their immune systems because the white blood cells were actually attacking cations but dying in the process. Not only did this incapacitate the white blood cells and prevent them from addressing other problems; it meant the plasma was full of dead white bloods cells.

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It is my belief that the metal toxins in the body tend to hold parasite populations in check, in much the same way that a pharmacological compound would kill off parasites in the blood and elsewhere. Since the antiparasite pharmaceutical medicines may contain some of the same contaminants as found in amalgams and vaccines, another major source of mercury toxicity, natural strategies almost imperative for some persons.

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23 December 2016 – An experimental Ebola vaccine was highly protective against the deadly virus in a major trial, according to results published today in The Lancet. The vaccine is the first to prevent infection from one of the most lethal known pathogens, and the findings add weight to early trial results published last year. The vaccine, called rVSV-ZEBOV, was studied in a trial involving 11 841 people in Guinea during 2015.