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How to write a Descriptive Essay: Outline, Format, Structure, Topics, Examples

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A descriptive essay facilitates the description of a certain subject matter vividly using language that engages the reader’s senses and draws them to the subject matter. An effective descriptive essay ensures the reader is captivated enough to have experienced the subject matter. The detail and language used will aid the writer in creating this experience for the reader. Emotion and personal feelings are applied to transform the literature, but taking care to avoid overshadowing the object being described. To add to this aspect, literary devices such as hyperbole are used to enhance the descriptive nature of the essay.

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It is the function of descriptiveessay to provide detailed descriptions and observations of thesubject matter that are being considered. The details are required tobe comprehensive, so much so that it will create a vividrepresentation of the person, place or thing in the mind of thereader. While a narrative essay unfolds the meaning and purpose ofwriting through a special story, the aim of a good descriptive essayis to furnish the write-up with picturesque descriptions by means ofpowerful language and sensory details.

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A descriptive essay employs anecdotal language to provide a description of the topic objective to engage all the senses. A good descriptive essay should impart a summary of the features possessed by the subject matter. The reader should have an experience of the subject matter with all their senses, as if they have had the actual experience. Writing such a narrative requires keen observation skills and attention to details. Preparation is a key component of such an essay. A vivid imagination does help. A descriptive essay is different from all other forms of essays in that the content is subjective.

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