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How to Deal With North Korea. There are no good options. But some are worse than others.

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Some people think that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class.Do you think it is the best way to deal with a disruptive child in the classroom?What other solutions are there?
Education should be accessible to people of all economic backgrounds.

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The vast majority of Americans agree that the drug war is not working. So how should our society deal with people who use drugs? I propose three simple solutions: 1) Offer treatment and compassion to people who want help for their drug problems; 2) leave people alone who don’t want or need treatment; and 3) continue to hold people responsible for crimes that harm others.

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Shortly after taking office, Roosevelt explained to the American people that his New Deal program would seek to deliver relief, recovery, and reform—the so-called "3 Rs."

PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff tells her own story of being attacked by Donald Trump

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered the White House in 1932 when the was beating America like an angry King Kong, and he promised "a new deal for the American people." The package of legislative reforms that came to be known as the New Deal permanently and dramatically transformed the politics and economy of the United States.