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Community policing is a positive public method of law enforcement. For some, it is an ideal imperative that gently coordinates cooperation between police officers and residents. Some of these interactions can lead to a bond forming between the community and its law enforcement agents. For some this is a great result, for others it is not. For proponents of traditional policing, community policing can lead to a reduction in arrests in an adverse fashion. In New York City, the “Impact” program was a failed experiment hoping to merge elements of both schools of thought. For those who desire to cultivate progress and deterrence in the community using affable means, community policing is the strategy of choice.

It has become a controversial topic among communities that have seen police brutality take place in front of their homes.

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lian review boards and other such external review agencies (Managing police organizations).
The Concept of Early Warning (EW) Systems
Historically, police officers recognized that certain colleagues had serious performance problems. Yet, this informal knowledge was never utilized in an official way to help those officers or incorporated into departmental personnel management systems. Herman Goldstein observed in 1977 that problem officers "are well known to their supervisors, the top administrators, to their peers, and to the residents of the areas in which they work, ? but that " little is done to alter their conduct. ? The U.S. Civil Rights Commission was the first official body to recommend EW systems as a response to the phenomenon of the problem officer (National Criminal Justice Reference Service).
The identification of police officers who have potential problems has emerged as a popular approach for curbing police misconduct and achieving accountability. EW systems are data-driven programs whose purpose is to identify police officers whose behavior is problematic (indicated by high rates of citizen complaints, use of force incidents and by other evidence), to subject those officers to some kind of intervention, often in the form of counseling or training. EW systems are consistent with the new demands for performance evaluation raised by community policing and the effective strategic management o

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Along with the few benefits of police agencies having a top down structure with rigid rules, there are also many costs including poor communication and poor community relations.

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Challenges to Policing
The difficulty of speaking the language, and knowing the customs of the community are paramount to being able to assist residents and business owners.

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Community policing is a public relations ploy that is far different than traditional policing. Traditional policing is contrived of patrol cars and radio runs. In many cases, the officers working a particular beat almost always vary. Some theorists believe that this is due to an infringement of the police acting as a neutral agent unbiasedly applying the law. Some fear that officers growing friendly and affable with residents will lead to less arrests by virtue of a defacto favoritism or nepotism from these very officers. As a result, many police officers are rotated throughout many sects and beats throughout their jurisdiction. A combination of both community policing and traditional policing was witnessed in New York City with the NYPD’s “Impact Program”. Impact was a program that focused on a heightened police presence in neighborhoods that were ridden with crime. However, the NYPD also hoped to establish rapport with residents by placing many officers on foot posts in these beats. The NYPD also made it an initiative to effectively rotate personnel. The NYPD may have felt they were getting the best of both worlds, but in fact the program failed.

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These will create social capital in the community as well as access to job opportunities
Co-operative police who listen to community needs and also prioritise their security
Street lighting for safer improvement of current electricity supply
Effective and speedy access to ambulance services and grants