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I have recently performed ten hours of volunteer community service.

The juvenile courthouse was a long corridor of windows and leather benches filled with wandering, waiting, quietly agitated families. I went with both my parents and found the courtroom to which I’d been assigned. In the courtroom, I kept my legs and arms crossed to keep them from shaking. My stomach seemed to have its own pulse. But in the end, it all went as we’d hoped it would. My lawyer had persuaded the prosecutor to issue a continuance in the case, and he had agreed not to pursue the charge if, over the course of nine months, I completed 100 hours of community service and attended parenting education. They presented this agreement to the judge, who accepted the proposal, and then it was over, and the next day I flew home, feeling very, very lucky.

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As I grew older, I began volunteering for many other community events, such as serving over 200 hours at a local hospital, helping with free cancer screenings, and fitting children with free bike helmets.

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Some may say that in having them perform community service they don't get the full punishment, or “its not supposed to be fun” , but they put in the same hours they would do in the classroom, and work gets done for the community....

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"My time at Brandeis would not have been the same without my volunteer experiences. Volunteering has allowed me to be engaged in the community, to interact with many different people, and to think about the world in new ways. My community service efforts have been primarily concentrated in education, and my experiences have led me to pursue a career working in the field of education. I am confident that my community service experiences at Brandeis have helped define my career path. This program is a great way to realize how much service you actually do. The hours often add up without you even realizing it. Counting the hours helps you see that making time for service among all your other obligations is worth it, and can actually have a significant impact. Additionally, it is great to have a tangible number of hours to tell potential employers or to put on a resume."

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Community service is more than just hours; community service is based on the acts performed by someone with the purpose of helping or bringing benefits to his or her community.

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Encourage students to engage in community service further impacting their Brandeis experience while addressing community needs. Service will be used as a means to explore careers, apply course work, fulfill personal values, and develop meaningful relationships. The program will encourage students to track their volunteer hours, adding many benefits to the community and university, while offering an opportunity to celebrate our student’s commitment to social justice and service deepening the roots of their journeys beyond Brandeis. Students who reach different tiers of hours logged will receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.