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Award: $10,000, Deadline: Last day of every month

Division I Degree Completion Grants – NCAA reserves funding specifically for student athletes who are working toward degrees, but who have exhausted their eligibility for institutional aid from their schools. The number of awards issued changes annually, based on need and available funding. Qualified applicants receive awards equivalent to the cost of tuition, fees and textbooks.

Learn about the eligibility criteria for the federal student aid programs.

Award: $4,968, Deadline: October 1

Applicant must be a Louisiana resident or the child of a parent who has been a Louisiana resident for at least two years prior to high school graduation. Applicant must be receiving a diploma from a public or state-approved high school and have completed 17.5 units of core curriculum courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA over the core courses only. Minimum combined SAT Reasoning score of 1210 or composite ACT score of 27 required. FAFSA must be filed between January 1 and July 1, 2012 (for 2011 high school graduates). Alternate eligibility requirements for home-schooled and Louisiana applicants from out-of-state high schools.

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"Four (4) Grand Prize Individual Educational Grants of $1500 will be awarded, one (1) per category (video, music, art and creative writing) by a panel of qualified judges, whose decisions regarding the contest and related matters are final."

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Award: $2,000, Deadline: The last day of each month

Walter Byers Scholarships – Two scholarships are issued annually to benefit postgraduate students. Awards are renewable and valued at $24,000 each.

Award: $20,000, Deadline: October 31

A scholarship will affect your other student aid because all your student aid added together can’t be more than your cost of attendance at your college or career school. So, you’ll need to let your school know if you’ve been awarded a scholarship so that the financial aid office can subtract that amount from your cost of attendance (and from certain other aid, such as loans, that you might have been offered). Then, any amount left can be covered by other financial aid for which you’re eligible. Questions? Ask your financial aid office.

Award: $30,000, Deadline: October 31

Jim McKay Scholarships – The legacy of the perennial broadcaster is honored with 2 annual scholarships each year. The postgraduate awards are worth $10,000 each.

Award: $2,500, Deadline: May 31

is open to students whose academic pursuits lead to degrees that are preparatory for careers as sports administrators. Twenty-six awards are dispensed each school year; thirteen to women and thirteen to ethinic minority applicants. Each award is worth $6000, and six scholarships are reserved for qualified Division III candidates annually.

Award: $500, Deadline: October 1

Each scholarship has its own requirements. The scholarship’s website should give you an idea of who qualifies for the scholarship and how to apply. Make sure you read the application carefully, fill it out completely, and meet the application deadline.

Award: $1,400, Deadline: March 1

Division II Degree Completion Grants – Cash-strapped student athletes who have exhausted their financial aid eligibility on campus qualify for NCAA grants that provide tuition-only support for Division II students. Students receive benefits similar to the financial aid they qualified for during their final year of athletic eligibility.