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In 1994, Michael T. Griffith, one of the more prominent independent JFK investigators, while examining the evidence. Griffith consulted several other specialists in the field, and their judgments concurred with Mee’s and have influenced this essay. Mee had expertise in exactly the areas that concern the evidence discussed below.

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The JFK assassination brings up extremely uncomfortable issues for Americans. If JFK was killed by a backfired covert operation (as says), and the government acted to cover it up, what kind of government does the USA really have? Would it really be much more legitimate than ancient Rome’s or Nazi Germany's? I have found that nearly everybody who defends the lone gunman theory of the JFK assassination is also of a white bread political persuasion, and has ideas that rarely stray from what officialdom says is so. Defending the lone gunman theory appears in large measure to be an attempt to defend the legitimacy of the USA's government. Why? I think that the dynamic explains much of it.

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Oliver Stone's transformations in this scene involves more than some trivial cinematic contrivances. They provide the linkage for the conspiracy. Ferrie's confession connects the team of anonymous Cuban "shooters" in Dallas with Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and, at a higher level, the CIA "untouchables". Whereas in actuality Ferrie denied he was in the CIA, ever knew Oswald, or knew anything about a plot to kill JFK, in the film, Stone has Ferrie confess he was in the CIA, knew and trained Oswald and knew key details of the plot to shoot JFK. These fabricated admissions changes the entire story-- just as it would change the story about the execution of Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg if film fabricated a fictional scene showing the Rosen bergs confessing to J. Edgar Hoover that they were part a Communist conspiracy to steal atomic secrets.

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What is in this huge volume of declassified files? As one essay put it, there appears to be "." Certainly anyone expecting an internal government report detailing what "really happened" was in for a disappointment. But the released files included a great deal of interesting stories and revelations, some of them quite startling. These include a number of surprising documents and interviews which support the idea of a medical cover-up of a shot from the front, much more detail on Oswald trip to Mexico City, revelations on CIA's monitoring and fear of the Garrison probe, and much more, including a wealth of detail on many of the characters known to JFK assassination researchers.