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Niu said the essay contest gives students a chance to think critically about Chinese culture.

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Pace's CI, founded in partnership with Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, combines professional and scholarly expertise to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges between the US and China.

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Joseph Morreale, an economics professor at Pace who is on the advisory board for Pace's CI, said: "Pace brings a number of students to China in the summer, students that go to learn about Chinese culture. They have wonderful, transformational experiences, and out of those experiences come the essays they write. That really heartens our soul."

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As a result of such conventionality, hip-hop style music had never been a part of Chinese sociological repertoire in the past; therefore, the introduction of new aged and progressive material, as briefly described in Sociology (2010), is a classic example of cultural diffusion by the very nature of the term’s definition and spirit....