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Children who have parents with strong egalitarian values tend to bemore knowledgeable about nonsex-typed objects and occupations than otherchildren (Weisner & Wilson-Mitchell, 1990). Children whose motherswork outside the home are not as traditional in sex role orientation aschildren whose mothers stay home (Weinraub, Jaeger, & Hoffman, 1988).In fact, preschool children whose mothers work outside the home experiencethe world with a sense that everyone in the family gets to become a memberof the outside world, and their sense of self includes the knowledge thatthey have the ability to make choices which are not hindered by gender(Davies & Banks, 1992).

Your essay should be formal in content, not informal.

Dear can we use obesity for overweight ?

İf i wish to write a disagree essay should i write about the solutions to prevent it? one seperate paragraph for each solution ( education , controlling tv , to increase punishments etc)?

I see, maybe I deconstructed your sample in the wrong way. Once again, thanks for replying

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The word obesity is not the same as overweight. Obesity is a medical problem and very extreme.

Thanks a bunch for your prompt response. God bless you.. 🙂

For speaking, be chatty. It is essential that you give more to each answer. For speaking part 2, remember that these are not questions. They are just prompts and it is your task to add more information, description, details and stories to your talk.
Good luck!

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I can’t predict your score without seeing the full essay. If you missed your conclusion, it will affect your score adversely and writing under the word count will also affect your score for Task Response. You will need to wait and see your results.

Thank you for your prompt response.

hi Liz, in the last part of third paragraph, it is talking about the exercise with parents but is it included in the school curriculum or a general statement ?

Yes, you can partly agree. It’s fine.

It is a question that you must answer. “Do you think it is a positive OR negative development?” is not the same as “write about the positive AND negative developments”. Just read the question and answer it. Does it ask you to choose or write about both?

can idioms improve writing bands ?

Hi Liz,
I got confused with this question: Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
Should I write 1 body paragraph about the advantages, 1 for disadvantages and state my opinion whether it is positive or negative in general?
Or should I give 2 reasons in 2 body paragraph to support one side only? (just like the agree/disagree structure)?
Thanks in advance 🙂

Hi Liz,Do I need to indent at the first line of each paragraph?

No more than three words means one word, two words, three words but not four. Please see my 25 tips for listening on the main listening page.
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