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In Beowulf the Christian elements are about equally distributed between narrative and speeches.

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Yet, the pagan elements in the epic poem Beowulf clearly overshadow the Christian elements, and it is visible in the character’s superhuman personifications, their hunger for revenge, and their strong belief in fate....

Blackburn summarizes the possiblesources for the Christian elements of the poem in his essay The ChristianColoring in the Beowulf:

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To further understand the Christian and pagan elements that exist in Beowulf, we must first uncover why the author has merged Christian and pagan ideas.

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Unlike other poems, such as The Wanderer or The Seafarer, inwhich it appears to many editors that the Christian exhortations appear [to earlycritics] to have been appended to the otherwise pagan poems, Beowulf hasChristian elements throughout the narrative.

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