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In this way, by totally denying his pain, his feelings of powerlessness, and his despair- in other words, by denying the truth - Hitler made himself into a master of violence and of contempt for human beings. The result was a very primitive person, incapable of any empathy for other people. He was mercilessly and constantly driven to new destructive acts by his latent feelings of hatred and revenge. After millions had been forced to die for this reason, those feelings still haunted him in his sleep. Hermann Rauschning reports nocturnal paroxysms of screaming on the Führer's part, along with "inexplicable counting", which I trace back to the counting he did during the beatings of his childhood. Hitler did not invent fascism; he found it, like so many of his contemporaries) prefigured in the totalitarian regime of his family. The National Socialist version of fascism, however, does bear unmistakable traces of Hitler's childhood. But his early experience was by no means an exception. Thus, neither Gerhart Hauptmann nor Martin Heidegger nor many other celebrated intellects of the day were able to see through Hitler's madness. To do so, they would have had to be able to see through the madness of their own upbringing.


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Only children establish more of a balance between the two, but cannever be rid of the natural tendencies that appear in all children. Finally, the author does not take the necessary steps to prove that only children donot fit into their stereotypes.

In fact, the only child should have an even better chance forsuccess, because there are no other children to take resources away from him or her.

Itis quite possible that the research is generalizable to all nations, but without anotherexample of such findings, one cannot help being hesitant with the author's proof. Overall, the author brings to light some very interesting ideas that separate theonly child from other children.

Only children, beingfirstborn themselves, tend to exhibit traits more similar to those of other firstbornchildren.

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Thechild grows up to be an independent, self-sufficient, successful individual, becausethese are the traits necessary for survival. However, can one take this viewpoint and say with complete certainty that all onlychildren grow up to be high-achievers?

Only children, being firstborn themselves, ..

Nevertheless, the author captures thereader's attention with her theory on the unique personality development of onlychildren. The paper presents a unique argument for the incorporation of both introvert andextrovert tendencies into the personalities of only children.

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The"high-achieving, motivated, and successful" only children of the study are part of aChinese community that puts different stress on success and education than our own.

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Perhaps because the emotional difficulties that only children are prone tohave such as excessive sensitivity, hypochondria, or trouble expressing anger (Brophy,1989, p.

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Perhaps this struggle helpsexplain some of the common characteristics that emerge among only children, such as thetendency to not participate in many activities but leading the ones in which they doparticipate or learning to be comfortable being "loners" by learning to retreat withinthemselves.

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Any child withhigh achievement motivation who grows up in a supportive family has the potential forsuccess, whether this child be the tenth-born or the only-born.