A timeline of the events on September 11, 2001.

 Breakfast was not yet over before the men came to put up the marquee.

"Where do you want the marquee put, mother?"

The tenth and eleventh chapters of Genesis are composed ofgenealogies of nations and peoples designed to link the storyof Noah and the Flood, which fills chapters 6 through 9, withthe story of Abraham and his descendants, which fills the remainderof the book. The genealogies begin with Noah's three sons-Shem,Ham, and Japheth-and move eventually to Terah from whom Abrahamis born. At two points there are parentheses dealing withthe founding of the first world empire under Nimrod. The firstparenthesis is 10:8-12. The second is 11:1-9.

"You'll have to go, Laura; you're the artistic one."

David Foster Wallace on 9/11, as Seen from the Midwest

Military planes should have been over Sarasota by the time Bush left Booker at 9:35 a.m. Yet, as will be described below, more than one hour after Air Force One took off, there were still no fighters protecting it!

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For many of us, the monster argument was potent, even if it was not sufficient. Hussein’s genocidal persecution of the Kurds, the Grand Guignol of his prisons and the memory of his savage assault on Kuwait all confirmed him as the beastliest of despots. Those like Christopher Hitchens who had made friends among Iraq’s Kurdish minority felt an acute sympathy and a sense of obligation, because the United States had abandoned the Kurds to Hussein’s butchery after the first gulf war. Others brought to this moment the lessons of Bosnia, where an American-led alliance had stopped the murderous Serbs and somewhat erased the residue of American impotence left by Ho Chi Minh and “Black Hawk Down.” We were, as Andrew Sullivan put it,

The online Revised Common Lectionary is a project of the , a division of the .

"Hell of a nice flag and display apparatus, Mr. N–."

"Dead when they picked him up," said Godber's man with relish. "They were taking the body home as I come up here." And he said to the cook, "He's left a wife and five little ones."

"Seen all the other flags out everywhere this morning?"

Maybe it shouldn't have been so hard to write. Looking back, it had everything: merriment, adventure, and a journey to the top of the world. It contained a crash into ground zero on one of the darkest days in America's history and a search for fulfillment afterward. Yet for ten years, the words were trapped inside me and I couldn't get them out.

The choreographer Bill T. Jones talks about Sept. 11.

In 1992, after driving the Iraqi army out of Kuwait, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney mused on the calculus of war. Why, he asked an audience in Seattle, had the United States not pursued Hussein’s forces all the way to Baghdad and removed him from power? Because, Cheney said, that would have committed the U.S. to an unacceptable long-term occupation, and it would have meant more American casualties. “The question in my mind is, how many additional American casualties is Saddam worth?” Cheney asked at the time. “And the answer is, not that damned many.”

Bush Leaves for Booker Elementary

"Jose, come here." Laura caught hold of her sister's sleeve and dragged her through the kitchen to the other side of the green baize door. There she paused and leaned against it. "Jose!" she said, horrified, "however are we going to stop everything?"

"What is it, Sadie?" Laura came into the hall.

What is so significant about Nimrod? The fact that he establishedcities and built a kingdom is important, of course. But thereis much more that can be said.

"It's the florist, Miss Laura."

“I was particularly struck by the tape-recording of an intelligence intercept that Powell played — a phone conversation in which one Iraqi Republican Guard officer tells another to clean out a site before the inspectors get there,” Kaplan . We learned much later that the Iraqi officers wanted to erase traces of chemical weapons that had been stored before the first gulf war. Kaplan dropped out of the hawk club within a month when he concluded that, whether or not an invasion was morally justified, he doubted the Bush administration was up to the task. The rest of us were still a little drugged by testosterone. And maybe a little too pleased with ourselves for standing up to evil and defying the caricature of liberals as, to borrow a phrase from those days, brie-eating surrender monkeys.