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Vrlo je važno da se sve promjene na koži redovno kontrolišu jer pojedine izrasline mogu izgledati kao dobroćudne, a u stvari da ukazuju na prisustvo virusa u organizmu.

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As one of the most popular holidays among homosexual men, Halloween, or Queers'Christmas as it is sometimes called, offers opportunities for men to appear publicly indrag or other costumes and to behave with a license normally not afforded them. Thecelebration allows gay men to take off the "masks" they normally wear to hide theirsexuality. Through the transforming power of festival, homosexual men can "pretend" tobe the people they really are. (Mardi Gras serves much the same purpose.)

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Just as something that is inside-out is turned around, jumbled, and confused, so--veryoften--is the inside-out queer. One such person might be "Q," an enigmatic, capriciouscharacter in the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek:Voyager." One wonders what "Q" stands for. The Q Continuum of which he is a part isimmortal and seemingly omnipotent. Q exhibits the power of being unconstrained by convention. Does Q represent fears of homosexuality? Q is whimsicaland irresponsible, threatening the stability of the heterosexual norm. His power ismanifested through creativity and violation of cultural expectations (stereotypical queerbehavior). And he seems to be infatuated with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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This unspoken rule allows gays to publicly play with gender roles and sexuality onHalloween. With costumes that range from drag to g-strings, men can flaunt theirhomosexuality and with impunity rebel against the constraints imposed upon them bythe heterosexual majority. In doing so, they present a theatrical version of gay life, whatthe world expects to see, playing with and exaggerating the stereotypes normally usedto oppress queer people. Thus many gay men experience Halloween as a time when theycan take off their masks and be themselves. In other words, they can for a time stopperforming the role of the heterosexual male; they can be openly gay, comfortable in theassumption that most people will consider the gay behavior to be the performance. In amost fabulous way, our lives art.

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This concept--that observation affects the observed--has been familiar to folklorefieldworkers for decades. It is also implied in Butler's argument that gender isperformative and thus, by extension, set or determined by observation. And socialconstructionist arguments seem to suggest that gay and lesbian culture did not existuntil homosexuality was acknowledged and named (read, "observed") in themid-nineteenth century.

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Craig Miller's outstanding presentation at the 1993 American Folklore Society meeting,"Gay Rodeo: A Celebration of Rural Heritage and Gay Culture," documents oneparticularly queer festival. Another, Halloween, might be called the foremost publicqueer festival in America.

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Quarks are particles that carry fractional electric charges. Although physicists hadpredicted six different "flavors" of quarks, only five had been discovered until recently:up, down, and bottom (all spatial terms), as well as charm and strange. Are these namesqueer or what? Finally, in 1995, scientists announced their discovery of the last elusivequark: top. It is surprising that the discovery took so long. After all, doesn't everyone to be a top?

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It turns out that top is 35,000 times heavier than up and down. On March 2, 1995,chubby chasers at Fermilab announced that they had at last found one. TheWorld-Wide Web page from which I gathered this information, by the way, offered methe opportunity to, quote, "Look at a real top event." (Believe me, I was tempted, but Iwas afraid to follow that link because of the Communications Decency