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Three overview essays explore the broad nature of Australian landscapes, the ways in which we have used and abused them, our attitudes toward them, and the ways we have perceived them. Seven case studies then explore the history of human-environment interactions in more detail across a variety of scales of time (decades, centuries, millennia) and space (sectors, regions, districts). There are analyses of small districts, large regions and natural resource sectors, from the Great Barrier Reef and the Brigalow domain, through the high country to the arid centre. In the Conclusion, Bill Gammage argues that the critical question facing us is not the current catch-phrase 'sustainable development', but sustainable damage - how much can our environment take?

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Within months there was conflict amongst the settlers from the beginning over Lane’s rules of no alcohol, no relationships with the local women and Lane’s leadership. Unrest intensified after a second group of colonists arrived in 1894. Dissention caused a rift in the colony and in May 1894, Lane and 58 others left New Australia to found Cosme, a new colony 72 kilometres further south. Eventually New Australia was dissolved as a cooperative by the Paraguayan Government and each settler was given their own piece of land.Some colonists founded other communes in Paraguay; others returned to Australia or travelled to England. Some descendants of the New Australia colonists still live in Paraguay.Lane then went with his family to New Zealand. Lane resumed his profession of journalism. Like many disillusioned utopians of that time Lane became staunchly conservative and wrote pieces for ultra-conservative and pro-Empire newspaper New Zealand Herald from 1900. He maintained a strong racism against Asians and during World War I he developed extreme anti-German views. Lane died on 26 August 1917 in Auckland, New Zealand, having been editor of the Herald from 1913 to 1917. Both his sons had died. One son Charles was killed at a cricket match in Cosme in Paraguay, and another Donald on the first day of the ANZAC landings on 25 April 1915 on the beach at Gallipoli.About 2,000 Paraguayans can trace their ancestry to the 500 unionists who have names like Wood, McLeod, Burke and Murray. Some of their descendents are still on the same farms today.Many descendants of the New Australian utopians have since migrated to Australia. Despite this however the Australia Government does not grant the descendants of the New Australian utopians special migration consideration.Migration from Australia has been termed ‘the Australian diaspora’. The Australian diaspora began as early as the 1840’s where gold miners left the New South Wales and Victorian goldfields for gold strikes in California and the Yukon. Invariably Australian migration is celebrated in terms of what culture, technology and ideas people bring to Australia and the building of an Australian multicultural society. What is over looked or ignored completely however is the contribution Australian migrants have made in the history and development of many other countries.The New Australia and Cosme Collection has historical significance as evidence of the socio–political landscape of Australian colonial society in the late nineteenth century, the history of the evolution of the Australian labour movement, the migration of ideas, culture and technology from country to another, the history of the New Australia utopian settlement in Paraguay.The New Australia and Cosme Collection have intangible significance to the Australian and Paraguayan communities as part of a shared cultural heritage. The history and provenance of the New Australia collection is well established. The Cosme Colony Collection was purchased by the University of Sydney from Gavin Souter and Hilda Lane, daughter of John Lane and niece of William Lane. The New Australia collection has interpretive significance in telling the story of the New Australia utopians and the cultural heritage of the Australian/ Paraguay communities in South America and Australia.BibliographyWebsites

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Lee & Ken Smith [2010]
Simonides of Ceos, Inscription on the grave of the at Thermopylae;
color added; often mistranslated as "laws."
(d.959 AD), acclamation for Imperial banquet, , Book I, Chapter 65, "What it is necessary to observe at the dance, that is, at the banquet" [Constantine Porphyrogennetos, , translated by Ann Moffatt and Maxeme Tall, with the Greek edition of the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (Bonn, 1829), Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, Byzantina Australiensia 18, Canberra, 2012, Volume I, p.295]

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