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Luckily, for most of these individuals, this problem will resolve itself slowly over time.

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If the cat looks well in himself and appears not to be in discomfort from the hair loss, then it should OK to watch and see what develops. That would help with diagnosis. What about trying to get a little scrape of the skin at that point, put it in a clean receptacle (get it from the vet is possible) and ask the vet to analyse it (if that is financially viable)?

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Hi Karen, if there is a distinct patch of hair loss that is the sort of hair loss caused by overgrooming that area. However you say this is not overgrooming. Are you sure? You might want to watch him to double check that. Flea bite allergy causes irritation leading to licking certain areas. Close inspection of the skin might reveal small red areas. An outdoor cat is more likely to get fleas. Have you checked for fleas? If not comb him with a 32 teeth to the inch flea comb at base of tail and around the shoulders and see what comes out. I’d check these things first. If it is not these then it could be an injury of some sort but from your description that seems unlikely. Cats will lick injured areas to relieve pain. I’d watch and wait to get more information. If you can upload a photo that would be nice.

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In other words the drug can hurt children but is OK for cats. I don’t see much difference. It is like spot flea treatments which can poison cats. Insecticides are generally pretty poisonous. Some of the spot treatments can kill cats if misapplied (cats given products designed for dogs or overdosing).

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I have been having a terrible time

I have an indoor cat, 4 years old. She has a history of feline acne which was healed with a change in food and food dishes. She started losing hair on her tail 3 days ago. I’m starting to see hair loss on her hind legs. She does not exhibit any other symptoms. Any treatment ideas?

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I have recently added another cat to our brood. he’s an older kitten with super soft fur, but had a small, scabbed-over bald patch under his chin. it has since become larger because he keeps scratching plus he has a little bit on top of his head now as well. the other cats are still fine, so I don’t think its contagious. any ideas?

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She is licking the spot behind her knee to the point where it is sore – overlicking due to irritation of the skin or OCD. Is she licking a lot and/scratching? She may be stressed even though you have a nice cat friendly home. Just may have a nervous disposition. Stress can lead to overgrooming as you may have read on this site. But you would notice overgrooming. It is a bit manic. Flea bite allergy is a possibility. Are there small red bumps on the skin. You can “feel” them through the use of a flea comb. Do you flea comb? If she is licking due to skin irritation another allergy might be the cause.

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These problems have a number of possible causes, unfortunately. There are no obvious, straightforward solutions. Allergies and parasites come to mind typically. A simple possibility is the feeding dish may harbor bacteria. Use a ceramic dish instead. This is a speculative suggestion obviously. Good luck and I am sorry to hear about your cat’s health problem. A vet should run some tests and eliminate parasites and then move on to acne or allergies.

Thanks Victoria for your help. I found it interesting.

If there is itching something is irritating her skin. That means it is not one of the illnesses but some sort of allergy I suspect. Even though you say she does not have fleas, it only takes one flea bite from a single flea that is no longer on her to cause the flea bite allergy. The likely possibility is probably an allergy to the flea bite. If I am correct it is very difficult to prevent because it is hard to get rid of all fleas in a home or just outside the home if she goes out. Do you have more than one cat?