College-Bound Student Information

 These are some of the many things you must consider when choosing the right college for you:

Is there an authoritative ranking of musical theater universities?

Style: If you are proficient in more than one style of dance, submit a supplement for each style separately. You may submit up to 10 minutes per style. Style options are: African Dance, Asian/Indian Dance, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern, Other styles/mixed styles and Tap Dance. Choreography in each of these areas is welcome.

Determine whether the school requires the composite or individual scores from your SAT test.

5th largest research university in the nation

Interviews are typically conducted in a central location (e.g. a coffee shop or your high school guidance office) and last 30-60 minutes. We recommend that you dress in business casual attire and that you come prepared to talk about your interests and activities and to ask informed questions about Duke.

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Additionally, applicants may submit one Personal Recommendation. This recommendation is optional, and can come from a peer, a coach, a director, a teacher from an elective course, a family member, or anyone else who knows you well and will give us a better idea of who you are. This optional information will be considered in our understanding of you as a person, but will not be formally evaluated as part of your application. If you do not submit the information, your chance of admission will not be affected.

Check this forum on College Confidential: . There’s a “big list” thread that might get you started.

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The Department of Mathematics offers several different approaches to the study of calculus. Students should consider their strengths and interests in determining how much math they need to take at Duke. For specific information about suitable math courses, refer to the .

Pratt School of Engineering Policy

Students who plan to begin a new language that they have not previously studied do not need to submit a placement score and may register for an introductory course.

International Placement Testing

, part of Duke University Continuing Studies, have provided summer academic enrichment for academically motivated youth for more than 20 years. These programs include Duke Young Writers' Camp, Duke Action Science Camp for Young Women, Duke Expressions! Fine Arts Camp, Duke Creative Writers' Workshop, Constructing Your College Experience and Duke Drama Workshop.

Placement in Foreign Language Courses

Although we love for students to participate in programs beyond their high school curricula, the programs listed above are completely separate from Duke's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The various offices do not share lists of participants.

Placement in Mathematics Courses

Students with previous experience in one of the foreign languages offered at Duke who wish to continue their studies at Duke should consult for placement guidelines. Some languages, including Latin, French and German, use the SAT-II or AP exam scores, if available, for placement. The Spanish language program requires the SAT-II or AP exam scores for placement, and students must have their exam results sent to Duke before they enroll in late August.

5th largest research university in the nation

We like students who love to think, who strive, who are willing to take a chance and who understand that sometimes you learn more from failure than from success.