Supreme Court in Patchak v Zinke, No.

Tim Ryan of Courthouse News Service reports that .

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Robert Barnes of The Washington Post reports that "."David G.

Supreme Court oral argument in Janus v.

In this work, bodies are repeatedly transformed through physical migration, temporal progression, the fantasies of technology and culture, and the translation and projection of changes in the global body onto the local and private body.

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Robert Barnes of The Washington Post reports that "."David G.

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In a nation facing a mounting bramble of questions surrounding free expression and gay rights, a surge in gay representation in this country's biggest export, the modern motion picture, is certainly worth celebrating--and worth some healthy scrutiny as well.

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films coming soon to theaters, ending a multiyear drought that had many GLBT moviegoers latching on to the likes of Finding Nemo and The Lord of the Rings for their queer image satisfaction.

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In so doing, blatant sexism is reinvented and legitimized, and gay male identity simultaneously is defined by and renormalizes heteronormativity." [Communication Abstracts]


Brocka said he wrote the movie on a lark while attending graduate film school at California Institute of the Arts, structuring it like the films he liked of the 1980s, like John Hughes films and the college sex comedies.

If you are willing and able to help at all I would be very grateful.

In the piece, one can see the wild-woman sensibility that has been passed down through four generations of lesbian artists as a badge of honor and attraction.." [Art Index]

The film was actually of Esther Ralston.

Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon (1944) is the most stimulating representation of a woman by a woman (in this case, Deren herself) on film for its time.

This is a very nice picture of you Allen???

See if this sounds slightly familiar: Shy jock Caleb is actually straight, convinced by his gay roommate, Kyle, that playing gay to date music major Marc is the best way to get the attention of Marc's roommate, Gwen--a love quadrangle completed by Kyle's long-standing, unrequited crush on Marc.