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He's got a loving girlfriend, Linda, whose best friend is her condescending college ex, Andrew.

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It is asserted that these films do not necessarily tell us about the empirical realities of gay lives in East Asian communities, but they do tell us something of what it means to be gay in East Asian cultures.

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Major Hollywood film companies such as Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox have started to support gay movie events, such as the Los Angeles gay film festival.

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Film critic Roger Ebert comments that "lesbianism is so outside the experience of these Hindus, we learn, that their language even lacks a word for it," suggesting that the meanings of lesbianism have already been patented, in the West, available for export.

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In the family-ethics film, however, Confucian-derived values posit that one's primary focus is more on the fate of the family itself than on the fate of the individual." [Art Index]

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In Lee's Asian films, ambiguities are presented as a conflict between traditional Confucian" values and more contemporary modern Western" ones, whereas Hollywood family melodramas present the main struggle as an individual's attempts to liberate himself from his family and become a full and independent individual.

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First, it uses the codes of a particularly Chinese form of melodrama--the family ethics" film; second, it draws on the regional subcultural tradition of popular culture stories made for and frequently by straight women about love between two attractive young men.

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The dialogic and noisy collision of mainstream, popular imaginary, the "Hollywood" genre, and the ethnographic film 'Bound' reveal a failure in reading practices for heteronormative masculinity.

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The film is analyzed in terms of three issues- the presentation of the female body and lesbian sex, stereotyping, and a caricature of the gangster genre." [Expanded Academic Index]

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Brower explores thefilmmakers' use of the Western genres in telling stories of sexual andsocial transgression and considers how they blend the Western with othergenres.

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Cross-Dressing in American Movies ofthe 90's." In: Subverting masculinity : hegemonic and alternative versions of masculinity in contemporary culture Edited by Russell West and Frank Lay.