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Two years after Mill founded the Utilitarian Society, Bentham and a few friends launched the as an official organ for utilitarian ideas. In its first four years (1824-28) Mill, despite his youth, was a frequent contributor on a wide range of themes, which he treated in the spirit of utilitarian orthodoxy. He criticized the follies of aristocratic rule in Britain and Ireland, the illusions of chivalry formerly associated with aristocracy, the vested interests of great landowners in corn and game laws, and the ills of a faulty journalism. He strove to liberate the English press from the trammels of an abused and arbitrary law of libel and the burden of press duties. Mill like his father and other contemporary Radicals saw in the freedom of the press the essential instrument for mobilizing opinion, breaking down resistance to reform, and creating that degree of popular discontent which would compel the aristocratic government to make substantial concessions. He was naturally inspired by his father’s famous essay on “Liberty of the Press,” first published in 1821 as a supplement to the He accepted his parent’s uncompromising belief that no special laws should exist to hamper the freedom of newspapers to print facts and advance opinions to protect the people against the tyranny of a government.

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Biddle has miscalculated. According to John Steele Gordon, Biddle "hoped that Jackson would not want to make it a campaign issue. In the bare-knuckle politics of the era, when most newspapers were openly partisan and tendentious in their coverage, the fight over the bank was a brawl." 75 Indeed noted Jackson biographer David S. Reynolds wrote: "The election became largely a referendum on the Bank of the United States. The Jacksonians portrayed the BUS as a hydra-headed monster of corruption, while the National Republicans described it as the basis of a sound economy, calling Jackson a tyrant irresponsibly trying to destroy it." 76 The author of the veto message, Amos Kendall, was also the author of the Democratic campaign. And Clay was annihilated by a campaign against the "monster" of the Bank of the United States. Washington Globe editor Francis P. Blair, Jr., thundered: "Let the cry be heard across the land. Down with bribery - down with corruption - down with the Bank....Let committees be appointed in every township to prosecute every Bank agent who offers a bribe." 77

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The purpose of this lesson is to compare history textbooks to editorial cartoons of the
Jackson Era in order to illustrate varying opinions on the character of Andrew Jackson.
Students must evaluate the cartoons, determine historical accurateness, and identify any
biases. Then, they must juxtapose the information in their textbooks to the cartoons and
formulate their own opinions about Jackson. Those opinions will then be expressed in an
opinion essay, using their findings as details to support their ideas.

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