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Fundamentally it is a character study, delving into the shock and stress of war, looking at the mess it makes of people's minds, looking at how people respond. John Marsden's greatest gift is in characterisation, particularly of teenage characters. In this novel he creates eight teenagers, breathes life into them, puts them in a situation of extreme stress and then writes down what happens. "Tomorrow, When the War Began" and its sequels is that record.

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"Tomorrow, When the War Began" could have very easily been a chest thumping, racist, jingoistic diatribe, supporting the worst paranoid fantasies of Australia's far Right. A sort of Autralian novelised version of the very B-grade US 1984 teen flick,"Red Dawn".

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Love it or hate it (we hope your answer is hate it), it seems war is here to stay. Someone's always fighting someone else somewhere on this planet of ours, and for that reason alone, books about war are generally worth reading. That said, Tomorrow, When the War Began offers a unique take on war. Instead of hearing about it from a soldier who's signed up to fight, or a military strategist, or a family forced to flee their home, we hear about war from the perspective of a teenage girl who suddenly finds herself with no choice but to do her best to survive, all while trying to find her family.

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