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SparkNotes: Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Sonnet 116

The dedication in the frontispiece of the 1609 edition has sparked controversy among Shakespeare historians and has become a key piece of evidence in the .

It reads:

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It is not known exactly when Shakespeare wrote his sequence of 154 sonnets, but the poems’ language suggests that they originate from the early 1590s. It is believed that Shakespeare was circulating his sonnets amongst his close friends during this period, as clergyman Francis Meres confirmed in 1598 when he wrote:

It is important to note that although the true identity of W.H. is of importance to Shakespeare historians, it doesn’t obscure the .

Shakespeare almost certainly intended his sonnets for manuscript circulation, which was not uncommon at the time, but exactly how the poems ended up in the hands of Thorpe is still unknown.

A summary of Sonnet 116 in William Shakespeare's Shakespeare’s Sonnets