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Accidents are surprisingly few contrary to the heavy traffic that may occur in the cities of Marrakech and Casablanca. Unfortunately most fatalaties are motorbike related on rural roads. Separate lanes on major inter urban routes for mules carts, motor bikes and cyclists are now in place on major access routes. Moroccans are generally cautious drivers rarely going over 50 kmh in the city and will slow down for a donkey cart or anyone on the road. When vehicles collide it's usually minor and instead of raging anger, people often discuss the damage, smile and shake hands.

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After completing their school education, Moroccans have the option to pursue a tertiary at the various institutions scattered throughout the country. There are approximately forty tertiary education institutions including 14 universities, private higher education institutions and polytechnics. The chief of instruction at these educational institutions is French, along with a few Arabic courses and several English institutions. Moroccans are not the only ones who study at Morocco's universities; foreign students also attend.

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