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William Peter Blatty, the novelist and screenwriter whose book "The Exorcist" became a literary phenomenon and a movie sensation, died Thursday at age 89. Blatty's success prior to the publication of the book in 1971 was largely based on comedic novels and screenplays. His greatest claim to fame in his early career was as screenwriter of the Pink Panther comedy "A Shot in the Dark". Blatty was studying at Georgetown University when he heard about a 1949 incident in which the Catholic church issued a rare approval for the exorcism of a young boy who was allegedly possessed by a demon. The story so intrigued Blatty that many years later it formed the basis of "The Exorcist", though he changed the victim to a young girl. The book was an overnight success and director William Friedkin's 1973 film version became one of the highest grossing films of all time. Blatty and Friedkin disagreed about the final cut of the film but did decide to release an alternate version in 2000 that contained scenes deleted from the original cut. Blatty directed and wrote the 1990 sequel "Exorcist III", feeling he could convey story elements that were not included in the first film or its disastrous 1977 sequel. However, "Exorcist III" opened to middling boxoffice and critical disinterest. Over the years Blatty complained that, despite the financial success "The Exorcist" franchise had afforded him, he was frustrated that he could no longer return to writing comedy, which was his first love. He said that studios and publishers always expected him to produce a horror blockbuster. For more .

American Exorcist: Critical Essays on William Peter Blatty Sep 4, 2008.

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American screenwiter and novelist, who gained international fame with the theological horror tale Exorcist (1971),in which a small girl is unaccountably possessed by the devil andturned into a repellent monster. The book was also filmed (1973) andtogether with a worldwide boom for the supernatural, it gained enormouscommercial success. Blatty did not start as a horror writer, but a withcomedies. His early works include the screenplay for (1964), a hilarious Peter Sellers farce about the accident-prone Inspector Clouseau's investigations.

American Exorcist Critical Essays on William Peter Blatty. by Benjamin Szumskyj(ed.)

American Exorcist Critical Essays on William Peter Blatty (2008) is a collection of essays studying all of William Peter Blatty's novels, from Which Way To Mecca, Jack?

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