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Scott Fitzgerald’s stories strive for nothing less than “The Great American Dream”.

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Treaties between the federal government and Native Nations rest at the heart of American history, yet most Americans know little about them. In Nation to Nation, thirty-one essays and interviews from the country’s foremost scholars of Native history and law explore the significance of the diplomacy, promises, and betrayals involved in two hundred years of treaty making between the United States and Native Nations, as one side sought to own the riches of North America and the other struggled to hold on to its homelands and ways of life.

The novel is Fitzgerald's vessel of commentary and criticism of the American Dream.

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In regards to wealth and success, Fitzgerald makes clear the growing corruption of the American Dream by using Gatsby himself as a symbol for the corrupted dream throughout the text.

Although this was the dream for many Americans of this time, it seemed almost impossible to become a part of this social class unless born into it.

Mother Earth, Father Skyline: A Souvenir Book of Native New York presents the experiences of Native Americans in the world’s most exciting city. Through photographs, illustrations, and brief essays, Duane Blue Spruce traces the Native presence in New York.

Although the American dream still converts dirt into gold today, views on this leap to greatness have changed moderately since the 1920’s.

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Five contemporary Native American basket-makers and one basketry scholar highlight historic baskets from the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian and compare them to twenty-first-century pieces. Based on years of observation, conversations with weavers, and hands-on learning, the scholarly essay explores Native American baskets with particular attention to how they were made, while the weavers discuss their experiences and views of their art.

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Looking to the Future: The Life and Legacy of Senator Daniel K. Inouye honors one of history’s greatest advocates for Native people—Senator Daniel K. Inouye (1924–2012), former chairman and vice chairman of the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and one of the visionary founders of the National Museum of the American Indian. A person deeply grounded in values, community, and family, Senator Inouye’s myriad accomplishments include, among others, legislation and support for strengthening Native sovereignty, treaties, governance, economic development, education, and health care. This volume is a compilation of edited presentations by the distinguished speakers who participated in the NMAI symposium, “Looking to the Future: The Life and Legacy of Senator Daniel K. Inouye,” held on May 15, 2014. This selective group of tribal leaders, political associates, culture keepers, education and health care specialists, and museum professionals reflect on Senator Inouye’s many contributions to the well-being of Native America and a future that builds upon the foundation of the senator's legacy for the benefit of future generations of Native people.

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Essays by Smithsonian staff and others involved in the museum's creation provide an examination of indigenous peoples' long and varied relationship to the land in the Americas, and an account of the museum designers' efforts to reflect traditional knowledge in the creation of individual landscape elements.

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Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby achieves the American Dream, but his unrealistic faiths in money and life’s possibilities twist his dreams and life into useless life based on lies.