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Enrollment: A minimum of 10 units total, described below, and a completed thesis is required. Honors essays are due to the thesis adviser no later than 5:00 p.m. on of the terminal year. If an essay is found deserving of a grade of 'A-' of better by the thesis adviser, honors are granted at the time of graduation.

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In 1969 a group of university students and Native activists calling themselves the Indians of All Tribes gathered on Alcatraz Island in an act of political protest that would turn out to be the longest occupation of U.S. lands in the nation's history. Claiming title to the territory under a nineteenth-century treaty, the Indians of All Tribes broadcasted their protest through an independent radio show and newsletter that included important political and poetic writings by the activists. This course builds outward from the Occupation of Alcatraz to understand the deep historical relationship between political resistance and poetic expression in Indigenous communities. We will read broadly on poetics and Indigenous political theory, beginning with non-alphabetic writings and Indigenous understandings of communal and political life, and concluding with formally innovative collections by Indigenous poets working on issues like climate justice and language revitalization.
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- HD restorations of all four films
- Original Mono audio
- New title-specific documentaries exploring aspects of each film
- Two presentations of Never Take Sweets from a Stranger: the original UK theatrical cut, containing original titles and dialogue; and the alternative US version with amended Never Take Candy from a Stranger titles and censored dialogue
- Never Take Sweets from a Stranger introduction by actor and filmmaker Matthew Holness
- Archival audio interview with Never Take Sweets from a Strange director Cyril Frankel
- Two presentations ofThe Full Treatment: the uncensored UK theatrical cut; and the censored US version with alternative Stop Me Before I Kill titles
- Audio commentary with film historian Michael Brooke and author Johnny Mains onThe Snorkel
- Audio commentary with film historians Jonathan Rigby and David Miller on Cash on Demand>
- New and exclusive interviews with cast and crew members, including actors Janina Faye (Never Take Sweets from a Strange) and Lois Daine Cash on Demand), props master Peter Allchorne (The Snorke) and second assistant director Hugh Harlow The Snorke Appreciations of composers Elizabeth Lutyens (Never Take Sweets from a Strange and Francis Chagrin The Snorkel) by David Huckvale, author of Hammer Film Scores and the Musical Avant-Garde
- Hammer's Women: Betta St John (2018):Diabolique magazine's editor-in-chief Kat Ellinger offers an appreciation of the American actress, singer and dancer
- Hammer's Women: Gwen Watford (2018): British cinema expert Dr Laura Mayne explores the life and career of the prolific English film, stage and television actress
- Hammer's Women: Diane Cilento (2018): Dr Melanie Williams, author of Female Stars of British Cinema, explores the life and career of the Australian theatre and film actress and author
- Hammer's Women: Lois Daine (2018): critic and author Becky Booth on the popular English film and television actress
- Archival documentaries, interviews and featurettes
- Original trailers
- Image galleries: extensive promotional and on-set photography, poster art and marketing materials
- Exclusive booklets for each film, with new essays by Kat Ellinger, Julian Upton and Kim Newman, archival interview materials, contemporary reviews, and full film credits
- New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
- World Blu-ray premieres of all four films
- Limited Edition Box Set of 6,000 numbered copies

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