Disney Princess Essay – Draft 3 | SandraBrownlee

(F/beast)   - A lady fantasizes about a horse cock and then gets the real thing.

Disney Princess Essay – Draft 2 | SandraBrownlee

(MFdom/M, wimp-husband, cd, exh, oral, anal, mc, beast, cast)

- A couple of vigilantes are patrolling the Southern California border when they catch two teenage girls sneaking into the country.

(F/beasts)   - This is a story for the ladies about a woman and her sexual fantasies.

Disney Animated Canon | Fremerate

(Fmf+, underage, inc, beast, orgy)

- The tawdry recollections of a suburban housewife led into a life of sin and debauchery by her wicked son and her own unquenchable lust.

(M+/F, wife, beast, orgy)   - Like many computer lab technicians, Maud was rather homely and shy.

(MM, exh, mast, oral, anal, voy, beast)

- Corey visits his aunt and Uncle's farm and by the end of the first day has fucked his first sheep, been fucked by a ram, his uncle and the family dog.

(f/beast, reluc)   - I had three male horses and when I began to have trouble with them.

15 Irony Examples in Disney Movies – Literary Devices

(M/F-teen, inc, oral, anal, ws, beast)

- A transvestite meets up with a guy that is 'gifted' in certain areas, and how the situation developes when the guy's wife asks to be involved in the scene.

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- I journey to the mountains of North Carolina to find myself and to decide if I want to give up bestiality.

Langston Hughes | Poetry Foundation

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- While his neighbor's are away on vacation, Michael plans to do something else beside play with and feed their dog, Koko.

Walt Disney’s Story: A Look at the Man Behind the Success

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- A teenager borrows a friend's orangutan to make a video essay for school but his mom and sister find a better user for the ape.

The Lasting Impact of Disney and Julie Taymors “The …

(M/f-teen, ped, beast, oral) -

- A prim English school teacher and he husband buy a cottage in Wales during the difficult times of the late sixties.

Unfortunate Implications - TV Tropes

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- A girl spends the summer with her grandparents and learns a lot about her family, as well as her how desires.

Dante for Millennials | The American Conservative

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- This is the story of how one of Mommy's sons discovered her late husband's collection of pornographic video tapes and picture sets(featuring Mommy) and how he manipulated Mommy into having extreme sex with him and his younger brother Joey.