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The chauvinistic nonsense, is a result of Zionism, with the core tenet of Zionism being: “Each Jew, is the Messiah, God in the flesh”. Then they use the prophecy of the singular Messiah, to justify being busy bodies in others affairs, and seeking to unjustly dominate and exploit others. That will cause the Jewish untold levels of suffering, as THE ONE MOST HIGH, in his own time, will be forced to correct the error of the Jewish people in that false doctrine.

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The only solution to this is Individual Liberty and unfettered free markets (Laissez-Faire Capitalism). This creates an interdependent holistic system [without contrivance or force] that is in alignment with basic principles and natural law/nature. In other words a world of, by, and for the Individual. Til then history will continue to repeat itself.

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