Aesthetics And Ethics Essays At The Intersection

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Assessing a world marked by what Hal Foster, bleakly, calls “total design” and by what Jacques Ranciere, more optimistically, calls the “aestheticization of common life,” this special issue of Open Cultural Studies welcomes articles that explore the aesthetic configurations—from the cute to the comfortable, from the no-brow to the fringe—through which the economic logics of late capitalism come to crystallize today.

Marcia Muelder Eaton,

Aesthetics essay ethics intersection

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D.H.J. Warner,

Aesthetics And Ethics Essays At The Intersection - …

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Aesthetics and Ethics Essays at the Intersection

As a doctoral student in Christian Ethics and Society, Joi is interested in the efficacy of faith based social justice organizations and social movement theory. She aspires to become seminary faculty and serve as a strategist for progressive faith based nonprofits.

Jerrold Levinson, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays ..

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This was a central issue in the functionalist movement in architecture and design, one of the most influential artistic and cultural movements of the early twentieth century. The term 'functionalism' is ambiguous, not least since the functionalist movement contained diverse and partly contradictory artistic and social tendencies. Modernist architects and designers had a difficult time fighting against influential conservative enemies. They soon found that an efficient argumentative strategy was to emphasize that their constructions were more functional than traditional architecture and design. Hence, even if the architecture of a house was largely based on geometrical principles (and thus on "pure" aesthetic considerations), it was more expedient to represent it as based on principles of functionality. It is important, therefore, to distinguish between functionalism as an historical movement and the more limited "functionalist" viewpoint that the aesthetic properties of an object depend on its functionality. Here we will be concerned with the latter, but statements by members of the functionalist movement will be used to exemplify the positions analyzed.

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My research interests focus on the influence of cultural products such as music, film, and news media on the ethical development and formation of individuals. I’m specifically interested in exploring, through ethnography, how these mediums influence sexual ethical development and moral formation among a range of populations from adolescents to adults. Atlanta is my research location because of the richness of the city's sexual culture which extends from the stripclubs of Cheshire Bridge Road to the steeples of the regions many churches. I also have an interest in analyzing the rhetoric of sex education curriculum and sex trafficking recovery programs. This work of analyzing cultural products and their impact on ethical reflection is compelling due to my personal experience within Evangelical Christian culture, my position as a consumer of popular culture, and professional experience as a journalist for over a decade. Given this, I plan to participate in the Religious Practices and Practical Theology concentration as well as pursue the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. Prior to my doctoral studies I earned a Masters of Divinity with a focus in Theology and Ethics from the Candler School of Theology in 2013.