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Dear Liz
Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post, does this rule applies to the General writing as well? Thanks for your valuable advice.

This essay will discuss both sides and give an opinion at the end.

With the development of science and modern technology…

Hi Mam,
My concern to you is while writing conclusion in Academic writing Task 2,is it useful to say,”From aforementioned cases and argument,we come to know that…..” in this way is it the right way to express?

In the modern era, … / Since the dawn of time ….

If you try to bend the topic in order to use medical terminology, you wouldn’t get a good score for vocabulary. It is very easy for the examiner to see when a student is trying to do this. All vocabulary should be relevant to the topic given – medical terminology or scientific language is not often needed. You need to show a broader range rather than depending on your own subject matter. For the topic of health, you could certainly mention high blood pressure or cholesterol or even certain types of diabetes – but that’s all. Going further than that will not help you.

This is a highly controversial issue.

To see some more phrases that should be avoided, see .

Hi Liz I got 6,5 several times in writing my problem is that I need 7 to pass ,What is the magic recipe?
many thanks for your useful website.

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The idea is not to learn sentences so I won’t give alternatives to memorise. Each sentence should be unique to the essay question and topic.
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Is that correct to start the essay ( Task 2) with a general word.

You are an angel – thank you so much for helping us to avoid hackneyed phrases!
Will you please advice what will be alternative sentences/phrases can be use instead these mentioned above?

Try not to follow all the thousands of other students.

If you are asked to give your opinion, the your whole essay focuses on only that – nothing more. If you are asked to discuss both sides, you must do that. Just follow the instructions.

See this page: and then see this page:

Dear Liz, thanks for providing such useful tips and tricks ………
I only wanted to ask you.. in writing task two, are we obliged to write a refutation paragraph … if yes in which case …..
thanks in advance ☺

Alright….. Thank you for your prompt reply

I would like to thank you for your valuable and quick reply. I appreciate your effort as I thought that you would not be able to reply due to the huge amount of comments you receive daily.
Thanks again

f it is an informal letter, then it’s good to use contractions.

Regarding the first phrase to avoid, I need to know whether the following format is correct. I started my essay with a general statement and wrote that some people believe that ….and stated the first opinion and wrote that others feel that … and mentioned the second opinion and then for the thesis statement I wrote” in this essay I will discuss both opinions and give mine at the conclusion”. Is my thesis statement correct?