Well, I entered, and my essay, "Improving Community Safety," won!

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— This is a narrative essay, so first person voice can be used. Avoid using second person unless it is in direct conversation with another character.

I’ve flown before, but never without my parents.

Alvarez, was really friendly and easy to talk to.

I did not read here that she was offering a new perspective. I think what was being described by the author was the fact that even though she is really aware what to do, it’s STILL difficult. Which I wholeheartedly agree with. As a mother who tries to do it differently too, I am fully aware that there can seem to be a bigger impact from wandering strangers. But that is only because the foundation is strong and that the affirmation of culture is in numbers.

But when we got to the airport and met the other people in our group, I relaxed.

It wasn’t a difficult call, Morgan. As you probably understand better than any of my other regulars, there’s an interior logic of ritual — the ends imply the means. The logic crosses cultural boundaries because it’s an expression of invariants in our evolved neuropsychological architecture; thus, a Wiccan like me can reason retrodictively about Voudun ritual, and a sufficiently bright Voudun houngan could do the reverse. Poor monotheists, they miss out on so much! :-)

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Irene is from Arlington, and she’s 13 years old like me.

I think it is great that you used that as a teachable moment. Personally, I wonder if taking it a bit further and explaining to her that acting like or being the “prettiest girl in school” can come off as arrogant to others would be helpful. Obviously, you would have to use different terminology than the word arrogant.

The other winner is a 15-year-old boy named Eddie.

I am pretty sure a pre-school would tune out a lecture like that for the most part. I do like the idea of the article though, not making your first or only observation of a little girl you come in contact with be related to her appearance. I have a soon to be 18 year old and we have had an ongoing dialogue about what it means to be beautiful. And the way one looks is wayyyy down on that list. Beauty comes from within. Physical beauty should not be what defines anyone. That’s where shallow people come from.
(although I also agree with Holly’s comment above that it’s okay to tell a little girl that she’s beautiful too. As well as strong, clever, creative, kind and smart…it’s about balance.)

Irene and Eddie both seemed like a lot of fun.

No, not usually. How it’s generally done depends on whose doing it and what style they’re using. Usually hands are placed slightly above, but not touching, the injured placed, but other practitioners may actually touch the injured area very lightly.

She also loved planning and organizing events.

I see what you’re saying and I agree with you, but whether or not Tony is actually correct depends largely on how you define “religion.” That can get into a very detailed, complex discussion that has been the source of much confusion and flamewars elsewhere on Net. ;)

We drove to the TeenSay offices downtown.

Thank you for this good article! My English is not so good, but good enough to understand the theme. This i think too: How sick is it, if just little girls are classified about how they are looking, not what the like or can or read and so on…